To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Islam and Christ.

It is interesting to see how Islam denies two key matters about our Lord Jesus Christ. Muslims in my dealings will be keen to speak highly of our beloved Lord. They will speak of Him as a prophet, for example, and they will speak of His return. But in two areas they are in complete error. And these two matters are absolutely crucial to understanding who our Saviour is:-

His Person.

They will not accept Him in His glorious deity. They will not accept that He is God manifest in the flesh. Here is One, who being God, came to reveal God. Yes, He truly was the Son of Man as He came as the One to perform all the will of God as a perfect Man. But such perfections only occurred because He is the Son of God. As Son of Man, He is in a position to be our Saviour because he is man; as Son of God He is able to be our Saviour because He is God.

His Work.

They will not accept that He died on the cross. Hence they do not accept his resurrection because one who did not die did not need to rise. But the true message of the gospel hinges on the reality of Christ dying for our sins, being buried and rising again. All of this is in accordance with the Scriptures. If He has not died for our sins then there is no-one to die for our sins, and we are still in our sins set for everlasting judgement.

How interesting it is that the Islamic religion which has been concocted under Satan’s auspices, denies these two key truths about our Lord Jesus. The truths which glorify God and bring salvation to man. And millions are thereby left to hear a message which has no gospel. Oh Lord how wonderful is our Saviour Jesus and how great is His gospel. Oh Lord have mercy on the millions who are following Islam and lead them to forgiveness of sins in Christ Jesus.

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