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Use Biblical Titles

There seems to be a proliferation of titles for those in Christian Ministry. You could possibly think of a few now. Here are a few, pastor, minister, deacon, vicar, youth worker, youth minister, elder, bishop, evangelist, church planter. families worker, verger, curate, ministry trainee. How are we to view this? Should we view this as a happy development to reflect a multifaceted development of ministries in churches and the Christian community?

What I want to pose to you is the thought about whether we should be so ready to be choosing our own titles. How about sticking to biblical titles as much as we can. If we want to honour God surely this should be something we desire. It will also make sure that we focus on the ministries which the Lord wants us to focus on. Elder, overseer, pastor, evangelist, deacon and “the women” (see 1 Tim. 3:1-13 and Eph. 4:11) all would be biblical terms. Therefore these terms are indicative of the ministries which need to be recognised among us.

Comments on: "Use Biblical Titles" (1)

  1. Well, I agree with you, but I guess there’s no harm in having a treasurer so long as he/she is defined and known to be the deacon who does the money.

    Hobby horse alert:
    ‘Pastor’ is definitely *not* a biblical term, unless you speak Spanish or something.
    The correct word is ‘shepherd’, which provides all sorts of biblical connections and meaning.

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