To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

How’s the Ministry?

It struck me at a conference a little while ago how we so easily concentrate on our service for God rather than our walk with God. This emphasis is so often manifest in the questions we ask one another. A normal question is “how is it going in the church?” I understand that it is a useful question to get a conversation going and also shows concern for our situation. However, I am left wondering about how reluctant we are to prioritize our walk with the Lord over our service for God.

Surely it should be that our communion with the Lord should take priority. In fact our service for the Lord only has vitality when our fellowship with the Lord is a living reality. So I ask myself: Are you truly walking with the Lord and knowing communion with Him at the moment Philip?

Furthermore, this all leaves me to ponder upon what  I say to others and what I focus upon.

“So how is it with your soul brother / sister?”

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