To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The VW Scandal.

The VW scandal involving the falsification of data concerning the emissions from diesel vehicles caused great shock and perplexity. Here is one commentary on it. What I wait to muse on here is the moral vacuum that it reveals.

I believe that this should be the most shocking and alarming aspect of this scandal. So many people just following along with an illegal and morally bankrupt scheme and no-one saying that there was something wrong. This is what happens when people no longer have a fixed code of right and wrong by which to regulate our lives. It is the morality which says if no-one gets hurt and we can get away with it then it is OK. It is the morality which is driven by democratic principles rather than moral principles. If everyone is doing it then it is OK; because, of course, the majority are always right. It is indicative of a post-christian Europe. A Europe which has jettisoned the values of honesty and truth and replaced them with expediency and profit.

There should be concern about where this leads because when expediency and personal gain start to be the prime drivers then all kinds of stuff can start to happen. And that should alarm us.

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