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Start As You Mean To Go On.

One of the things for couples to think about when they start to “go steady” together is their conduct towards one another. A basic principle upon them starting to go out together is that they do so with the anticipation that this relationship may lead to marriage. It would be my contention that no Christian couple should link up together unless they have some thought that their relationship may lead to marriage. Of course it may not, but there should be this awareness.

Accordingly the couple will, in their days before marriage, be thoughtful to set themselves to operate in accord with the principles that operate for a married couple. Men do not just become godly servant leaders when they sign the marriage register, and similarly ladies do not become devoted to and respectful of their husbands upon saying “I do”. Therefore, if before marriage these things have not been seen then either party must be concerned and if necessary pull out of the relationship.

To be clear here there are obviously aspects of a relationship which should only be found in marriage such as the sexual aspect. But the ways of operating should be happening right from the beginning of the relationship being forged.

One of the implications of all this is that praying together and reading Scripture together should be embedded within the relationship from the earliest days. Good habits are best started at the beginning. Trying to introduce them later is always hard.

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  1. Margaret Lee said:

    Well done Philip. I fully agree with you; Margaret Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2015 16:05:28 +0000 To:

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