To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Brought Up On A Farm.

I heard it said some time ago that those brought up on a farm have a special advantage in life. The man reasoned that such was the case because those brought up on farms are used to having to work from an early age. Appropriate duties are given to sons and daughters suitable for their age and they are expected to do them. The children know that this is the case and get on and do them.

As a farmer’s son the statement about being at an advantage obviously had an impact when I first heard it. As one who had this expectancy as part of my life from as early as I can remember. From early in my life I remember having to do relevant chores. Getting up early on a saturday morning, particularly in the depths of winter did not strike me as a privilege at the time! But as they say “it certainly did not do me any harm”.

But why is it a privilege? It is so because:-

  • You are used to having to pull-your-own-weight as part of a group enterprise. Even though you are young you are part of the family farm and you are expected to participate.
  • You are used to having to work. This stands you in good stead for later in life. Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense is the Lord’s word from Proverbs 12:11. Working hard brings rewards.
  • You learn certain practical skills which can be of use later on in life.

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