To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Sister Pat.

What can we say concerning faithful saints who unobtrusively serve the Lord? I want to tell you about Pat at church. Faithful to the Lord and the representation of His church in Feltham. Utterly reliable. Interested in the people of the church. Never making a fuss. What can be said for saints of such an ilk? Surely there is a big reward awaiting them. I hesitate to speculate, but I wonder if such will not have a more substantial reward as compared to those who have more prominent gifts but have exercised them in a showy manner.

Sunday mornings, she is always there early to get things set up. Regardless of the weather, always there in good time. Over the years she has given so much of her heart, life and time for the cause of the Lord at Feltham. I have sometimes wondered if part of the reason the London Olympics passed off without terrorist attack or other disturbance was because of sister Pat’s prayer to that end in the Tuesday morning prayer meeting at Feltham.

One day she may be gone from us, and suddenly we will realise all that she did.

Oh and don’t forget she is in the kitchen for the preparation of the refreshments after the service. Utterly faithful in serving the LORD and His people. Oh dear sister Pat if the LORD does one day take you I will miss you so much.

May the Lord encourage you in His ways and His service. And may He yet give you an abundant reward.

P.S. The church would love to know your birthday so can we rejoice with you. But I know you never want a fuss.

Comments on: "Sister Pat." (1)

  1. Amen to all that has been said

    As for the saints who are on the earth they are the excellet ones in whom is all my delight
    Psalm 16

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