To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Do I Live A Conquered Life?

I have been reading this book about William Carey. The first chapter is entitled “William the Conqueror conquered”. It is about the conversion of Carey to the Lord and thereby how the Lord conquered him.

This got me pondering on the issue of what it is to lead a conquered life. This is not me conquering various issues in my life; it is rather me being conquered by the Lord. Do I show that He has conquered my life? The unconquered life is the selfish self-centred life, it is the life that says “I am king” and focusses on oneself. The conquered life acknowledges that God is King, Jesus is Lord and I am not my own. I am now under new management and I am not free to please myself, but rather I am free to please Him who is Lord.

So how do I cultivate a conquered life. I surely must be relentlessly submitting to Him. Prayer and fellowship with the Lord is therefore vital. In His presence I am reminded of His greatness and my puniness. His Word will be also continually being brought into my being. Also as I read the Word I will be reminded that His book focusses on the glory of God and not the glory of mankind.  A man-made religion focusses on what God can do for me, the God-centred faith of the Scripture focusses on what God has done to glorify His Name. The first puffs me up, the latter humbles me before His mighty hand.

The conquered person wants all the honour to be for God, they are selfless in their conduct. There is a humble quality pervading their life. They are not weak however. This is because when there is a humbling before God we start to become who we really should be as human beings.

Do people know I am a conquered man?


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