To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Ask The Father.

It is a thing of tradition that the man who wants the hand of a certain lady in marriage, seeks the permission of the lady’s father before moving towards marriage. This may seem quaint and even sexist to many today, and yet it does seem to be an appropriate practice.

I take this from the principles established in Genesis 2 where the man takes the woman to join him in establishing a new household. Previously she has been in her father’s domain, but now she is switching. It seems a matter of courtesy and good order for the man to approach the father to take his daughter to be his wife.

It is interesting to read in Numbers 30:3-8 about the responsibility that a father has for the daughter’s behaviour and the husband has for the wife’s behaviour. The impression given is that of a man taking over the responsibility that the father previously had.

Finally, the whole idea that the man has nurtured his daughter and has her taken away from him without his permission seems somewhat offensive.

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