To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Should I complain or not?

When we get a bad service from someone or get messed around in dealing with someone or purchase a duff product should we make a point of complaining. This is an issue I ponder upon. I can think over recent years of various ways in which I have felt I was a victim of being let down in all of the aforementioned ways. But should I complain?

  • What stops me complaining?
    • The effort required in actually doing it. It can take so much time to fill in a form or do whatever is necessary.
    • The desire to move on in life. At the risk of wrenching a scripture out of its context I do observe that Paul speaks about forgetting what is behind (Phil.3:13b). Continuing to go over a problem you have had in the past can be prevent you seeking to move on in life.
    • Fear of recriminations in the future. Someone might want to get their own back for complaining about their service. Or you might be black-listed in the organisation.
  • What persuades me to complain
    • There is an inclination towards justice. When someone has clearly acted in an illegal and / or immoral way there is a yearning for justice to right such a wrong.
    • Financial restitution can be made possible in a situation where I have been left “out-of-pocket” through the actions of others. I should not be wasting resources so this can incline me towards complaining.
    • If I don’t do something then others who come after me may fall victim of the same bad treatment. The call of God’s law is to “Love your neighbour as yourself.” (Matt 22:39).  Me wanting to move on for a quiet life can actually lead to others suffering after me.
    • You can help the organisation concerned by drawing something to their attention that they were possibly not aware of.

So should I complain? Not sure!

Comments on: "Should I complain or not?" (1)

  1. Manoel Paz said:

    Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Only GOD can guide us.

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