To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Jesus was not “nice”

Our Lord Jesus is the perfect man. He is the human being who has been the most fully human of all human beings. There is much said in scripture to describe him. But one things he is never described as is nice. The impression you might get from the enpicturing of Jesus or fables written about Him is that He was a very very nice man. But that is not the case from scripture. But what is He like then?

He is of course always good. He is perfectly righteous. When we start to ponder upon Him being perfectly good and righteous we realise that such a One is intrinsically opposed to all that is evil and bad. So for all that are of the latter category he cannot be considered nice because he is opposed to them. He is against all that is (and who are) evil and sinful. He is then more of a frightening being than a nice being. When all appear before Him as the eternal judge, who has the destiny of all in His hands, no-one will be describing Him as a nice man. Magnificent,l authoritative, just and right, but not nice!

And yet this One came into the world to save sinners; this One received sinners and ate with them. This One welcomed children into His arms and they were happy to be embraced. This One touched people with tenderness. This One brought healing, deliverance and wholesomeness to so many. In fact the Word says that all who come to him He will in no way cast out (see John 6:37). Oh yes here is the ultimate welcoming man. Genuinely He says to all who are weary and heavy laden that they should come to him and find rest (see Matt. 11:28).

At this juncture, I must say what I mean by nice. I mean that state of character that approves of everyone and everything and will not say that anyone or anything is wrong. Perhaps if something is beyond the pale such as murder there might be a baulking at this, but generally everything is approved of.

But Jesus was never such. Our LORD was a man of “character”; fully reliable. In contrast the nice person is not a reliable person because they are inherently contradictory in approving or at least not raising any queries about a whole welter of things. The contradiction comes because they approve of things that are mutually incompatible. All religions are approved of for example even though their beliefs are not compatible. The tendency is to approve so whether someone spends money or someone saves money they are both approved of.

But Jesus was the ultimate reliable Man. And that is why He can be trusted. That is why people can come to Him. In His love He is not fake, but He is reliable. He will always do well. He will not just do what nice people do and please me. He will be better, so much better, than that; He will do what is far better. Oh I see His face and see welcoming generous beauty. He is the righteous One who loves to welcome. I’m glad I don’t see niceness when I see Him because, in the end, who can trust a nice man?


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