To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

You need a hair-cut

We went to a wedding a little while ago. The service was great. There was a sense of reverence for God, the true meaning of marriage was upheld., the vow taking was undertaken in a serious and yet loving way, the music and singing were great and the message was helpful and faithful to scripture. But the preacher needed a haircut. As you listened and saw his fringe once again descend over his eyes I was just left wondering why hadn’t he cut his hair.

This raises the issue of unnecessary distractions in preaching. After this event I remember it was a good message, but it was undermined and I was knocked off fully appreciating the message by the fact that the man’s hair kept distracting attention from the Word.

So we need to be careful to make sure that through the presentation of our persons there are no distractions that divert people from concentrating upon the Word. We need to eradicate any mannerisms that make people to think about them rather than think about the Word.

We are God’s servants seeking to serve Him. We are servants of the Word seeking to draw attention to God’s Word. It is a shameful thing when through our neglect we cause people to be diverted from concentrating on the truth.

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