To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Rescue from Death

The rescue of a Red Devils parachutist, whose parachute had failed to open, by a fellow parachutist at the Whitehaven Air Show on 19th June 2015 was surely a dramatic incident. One account of it is here. The wonder is of how Wayne Shorthouse intervened to prevent Mike French free-falling to a disaster.

The image aroused by this real-life drams is a strong parallel to the wonder of the gospel.

We are all Mike French’s free-falling to disaster. We are set for a terrible end; that end is in an eternal hell suffering the eternal wrath of the eternal Lord God because of the eternal offence of our sin. All of us are staring disaster in the face.

We praise God, though, for the intervention of our Great Rescuer. He came to save us from the wrath to come. He did not just shout to us i order to try to sort out our mangled parachutes. He came and grabbed hold of us. He came where we were. He came and wrapped Himself around us. He took our sins and all the punishment at the cross. And now in and through our trust in Him we are free from danger. There is now no eternal panic for those who believe in jesus. There is rather the knowledge of being safe and protected forever because Jesus came and in His grace grabbed hold of us.

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