To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

In our caring love for one another, there is often a perplexity about how we should show that love. One particular area where this is manifest is that of contacting people who we want to contact in order to encourage them or help them. On occasion people have said to me that they had not contacted me because of certain reasons when they had deliberated about contacting me. Often, in such instances it would have been a delight to have heard from them! So what are we to do when we are pondering upon whether or not we should get in touch with someone.

  • We must pray. We must commit the whole situation to the Lord for His outcome. Asking Him that we would do what is best.
  • After praying then ponder if there is any obvious reason why it would be unhelpful to make contact at that time. This may be a biblical reason or it may be a purely practical reason. It may be pertinent at this stage to speak to someone else about the situation and the appropriate response.
  • If after these two stages the matter is still on your mind I would say go ahead. It seems a general principle of Scripture that God sets things upon the hearts of His people to accomplish His will. Think of Abram, as an instance, and consider from Stephen’s sermon how The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham while he was still in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Harran. “Leave your country and your people,” God said, “and go to the land I will show you.” (Acts 7:2-3). The Lord appeared into Abram’s situation so as to move him to action. If the Lord is bearing a matter into our own hearts it is very likely an indication that we should make a response and act.
  • So in this realm of deliberating upon whether or not to contact someone, I would say if in doubt, do it. From my experience, I think overall it is best to have done something than to have not shown any love.

This is a delicate matter I don’t know if anyone else has any wisdom on it?

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