To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The raising of Jairus’s daughter back to life after death and the healing of the woman with the issue of blood are interestingly inter woven in all of the Synoptic Gospels. To view one of the accounts look at Matthew 9: 18-25.

One thing which is common to both of these two individuals is that they are both desperate. Jairus being a ruler was very likely a wealthy man and existed quite comfortably; that is until  the death of his dear daughter brought a desperation into his life. Now he needed help. The woman with the issue of blood has had twelve years to endure in exclusion from so much of the normal undertakings of life. Through her condition she was an outcast religiously, socially, materially and sexually.

Five things characterise the unfolding account of how Jesus intervened.

  1. They were desperate.
  2. They realised that Jesus was able to help them in their predicament. They realised He had the ability.
  3. They trusted Him to act to change things. Notice the words of Jairus, ‘but come and put your hand on her, and she will live.’(Matt. 9:18b)
  4. Jesus was willing to act to change things around for them.
  5. He performed what he was willing to do. He actually did bring Jairus’ daughter back to life and He did stop the woman’s flow of blood.
  6. There was blessing which flowed in restored relationships. The woman could now mix in society. All those years of exclusion were in the past. Jairus had his daughter back.

And it all started with their desperation. I am left pondering upon whether or not we are desperate enough. The materially comfortable existence which so many of us in the west have mitigates against desperation. And yet if we come into the presence of God, desperation should soon start to emerge. We are so lukewarm, there are so many ignoring God’s law. Oh how desperate we should be to see things change around.

Desperation is the nurturing ground for faith. And it is the place where God delights to act to glorify his name.

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