To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Playing or Praying

Recently I was having trouble with the auto text on my phone. In the text message I was seeking to send I wanted to include “praying”.  However, I for a little while could not get away from “playing” being included in the message.

It was an interesting little interplay of terms and reflected, in a sense, upon my technical inability. However, it did provoke me to ponder upon an issue of immense proportions. So I ask “Are we praying or are we playing?” And again I ask: “Are we really praying to God and entering His presence with profound energy and longing for His working or are we just playing at prayer (and thereby not really praying at all). Words may be mouthed, but there is no drawing near to the LORD.

This leads me to muse upon the incident in Genesis 32:22-32 where Jacob wrestles with God through the night. He was never the same after that. For one thing he always walked with a limp. However, more significantly he was re-named by God; the twister, Jacob, became Israel, the prince with God (see Gen. 35:10).

What are our prayer meetings like? Do they show that we are praying or playing? Do we come away transformed through being together in prayer?

I was listening to Bill Dyer recently and he was talking about an issue that had arisen in a church. A person in that church was asked whether they had wrestled with God over the issue. “Wrestle with God”? was the reply, “No, we have not even had a pillow-fight about it!!”

Oh Philip when it comes to drawing near to your Father are you praying or playing?

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