To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I had a sobering experience at Chinese School recently. The parents normally hang around while the children study. On this particular Saturday I sat in a room and there were two young children aged around two and three sitting there with their parents. Their parents were talking with other parents whilst the children amused themselves looking at the small screen each of them had. For the best part of an hour and a quarter they sat looking at the phone supplied by their mothers and were riveted to what was on it.

Obviously it made for quiet children, and I know that there can be great gain from having your children causing no disturbance in such a situation. But dare I say it that such acquiescence was obtained at great cost. They just sat at the screen;  no interaction with anyone else. Oh to see children playing together.

And then I ponder upon the battle that we all have as parents (and I very much include myself here) to make sure that screens do not take over the lives of our children and families. Surely there are some massive dangers here? Or am I just from another culture?

However, I must point out, that we read that one aspect of a great time of future blessing in God’s purposes is seen in the city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there (Zech 8:5). This makes me think that children out playing in the streets is a far healthier thing than them sat at screens.

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