To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Rat Trap

I hesitatingly put this before you. It is a song from my youth, and yet the more I have pondered upon Mr Geldof’s observations concerning the “Rat Trap” of life, the more I have been persuaded about the correctness, of at least some, of his assessment.

Ponder upon lyrics like these:

Billy don’t like it living here in this town
He says the traps have been sprung long before he was born
He says “hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors”
And pus and grime ooze from its scab crusted sores.
There’s screaming and crying in the high rise blocks”
It’s a rat trap Billy but you’re already caught
But you can make it if you want to or you need it bad enough
You’re young and good looking and you’re acting kind of tough
Anyway it’s Saturday night time to see what’s going down.
Put on the bright suit Billy, head for the right side of town
It’s only 8 o’clock but you’re already bored
You don’t know what it is but there’s got to be more
You’d better find a way out, hey kick down the door
It’s a rat trap and you’ve been caught

The sentiments expressed here seem to have a striking element to them. The words “you don’t know what it is but there has got to be more”, for example, are the painful summation of millions of lives, here right now, in the UK. Deep in the heart there is a realisation that all is not well; there is a yearning that there has got to be more. There is an aching void that can only be filled by God.

The sad thing is that the song diagnoses helpfully, but has no medicine for a cure. As Billy says “Hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors”. The song is fundamentally hopeless.

And at this point every Christian is led to rejoice and marvel at the wonder of the gospel and how the glorious message of Jesus Christ rushes into this despair. There is more; there is a Saviour. There is One who rescues us from the wrath to come. For every child of God blessed through the provision of the blood of Jesus His Son there is more so much more.

And if you have not come to Christ then why not? He offers life and hope! So what keeps you away and therefore in your life of hopelessness?@

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