To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

It is no good complaining when our children get into their teenage years and have got into bad company if we have never done anything to encourage them to have good company when they are younger. From an early age we need to be pro-active in making sure that they are in a good environment where they can interact with those who will be helpful to them.

Accordingly we need to make sure that they are in church mixing with children in a healthy environment. We need to send them to Christian camps where again they can make friends and enjoy happy times.  We need to sacrificially give ourselves and our time so as to achieve these things.

When I see parents taking their children away from church straight after the service or doing nothing to get them to wholesome places with wholesome people, I am left wondering.  It would be my assertion therefore, that when our children are young we must take every effort to get our children to good places and develop friendships with those who who be good influence to them.


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