To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I have observed a striking phenomenon in relation to depression over the last two-and-a-half years.  Previous to this period the lady concerned, according to my observation, had shown herself to be a highly competent lady managing a small organisation with great efficiency.

About tw0-and-a-half years ago I noticed that she started to become quite withdrawn and the efficient; a previously busy lady retreated to a shadow of her former self. She was no longer functioning properly, she was seemingly no longer able to cope with many of the rigours of life.  Is started to speak with her and she related how bewildering things were for her.

There followed a time where she mentally, emotionally and to a degree physically limped along.  It was painful to observe her passing through this period. We often talked over this and I shared something of my own experience.

Remarkably over the past two months the situation has once again transformed. That lady who had limped along for such a lengthy period is now back to her previously efficient self. It is palpable to the eye what has happened. The depression has lifted. She is a transformed person.

To have observed all this, is to me quite striking about the whole experience of depression.  It shows how the whole being of a person can be transformed by being beset by this condition.  It is as if something descended upon this lady for a period and then lifted from her. Mmmmmmmmmh the mystery of depression.

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