To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Those who stay outside the Church are prone to develop strange views. I am thinking of Christians here and their refusal to commit to a Church. Such Christians make themselves vulnerable to embracing strange doctrines which are not in line with Scripture. In such an instance you get a malformed Christianity.  Another way in which such individuals go astray is through majoring on one doctrine above others. In this latter instance you get a lopsided Christianity.  

Now, I am not saying that Church life is always easy and there is a sense in which I sympathise with those who, for whatever reason, will not commit to a Church. However, when all is considered to fail to commit to a church is a completely unbiblical position to take. God calls His people to congregate together in communities of His grace.  In such communities there is accountability to one another and to a leadership appointed of the Lord. Such provisions, of the Lord’s grace, prevent us from wandering off into weird and wonderful doctrines and weird and wonderful emphasies.

Oh how blessed it is to be found in a church among those who are committed to following the LORD. Father, keep me with your people and help me to learn thereby.

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