To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

What is the problem I am alluding to here? It has to do with how you interact with the deficiencies of others. In particular it is manifest in the handling of children. All children have deficiencies in their characters and these are reflected in their behaviour. They may have to do with sinful practices, but not always. Sometimes it can be a sensitivity to something which harmfully affects their lives.

Sadly those surrounding the individual who has these deficiencies or sensitivities, often makes the problem worse by reinforcing them. At its most simplistic level it goes like this. Jim is a naughty boy. Mum freely tells others even when Jim is within earshot that Jim is a naughty boy. So Jim is encouraged to believe he is a naughty boy and there is no point bothering not to be naughty because he is naughty and he will just have to live with it.

Similarly, Alice is sensitive about travelling in the car. To continually be telling everyone, in front of Alice, that she won’t travel in the car does little to help overcome this sensitivity. In fact she can be left thinking that she will always have this phobia / sensitivity.

In reckoning with these issues there are various levels at which to operate dependant upon the depth of the problem. Treatment may be needed whether that be medical or counselling. But we should always be doing our best to make sure that those within our influence are led to change so as to have their characters and lifestyles enhanced.

Let us be careful then of reinforcing that which is harmful in the lives of others.

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