To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.


Football supporters have a strong sense of loyalty to their club. This is manifest particularly when a player sets himself to leave their club for one which offers, supposedly, bigger and better opportunities. As a general rule such a  player will receive a hostile reception when he returns to their original club. The motivation for leaving a club for that supposed better move is generally that of ambition.  The concept of loyalty to the original club is trumped by ambition to succeed, enhance reputation and gain honours. In the long run, I reckon, that players lose out because they have lost the honour they might have had at their former club. Someone like Trevor Brooking, who spent all his career at West Ham, would be honoured by that club and its supporters for sticking with the one club.

I wonder for example what has been the gain for Robin Van Persie by his move to Manchester United from Arsenal. Yes, he got one Premier League title, but how much more would he have gained in terms of honour and enduring affection if he had remained at Arsenal. Instead he is far from adored by many Arsenal supporters.

This all raises the issue of loyalty and what a beautiful attribute it is. I am not saying that someone should never change job or even move football club, but there is something very honourable in loyalty. It reveals a stability of character to be willing to stick with something through think and thin. It can also indicate that commitment to people means more than personal success or advancement. There is something essentially selfless about loyalty.

Of course loyalty to something sinful is to be abhorred. However, there is something wholesome in the selfless adherence to someone or something to whom you have made a commitment.

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