To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

We have never had such a proliferation of means of communication. I hardly need list them, for you to know about telephone, text, mobile, Facebook,  Whatsapp and all the rest. And yet I am left wondering how much we really do communicate?

If I go back to my youth there was a degree to which it was all reasonably straightforward. You had face-to-face, letter, telephone and in an emergency (and I mean some big emergency) telegram. Through these means you generally acceptably interfaced with people. Such interaction was mainly directly between parties.. So if you rang somebody there was no gadgetry to leave messages or mind who was calling.

Now we have so much stuff. Firstly, you don’t know very often whether people have the ability to access your communication  By way of example the person you are e-mailing may not have email access at that time. Alternatively they may no longer be using e-mail, but be using something else such as Facebook to communicate. Also if you leave a message you don’t know if anyone has listened to it. And the list goes on. It can be so frustrating.

Some of these issues appertain to ungodly behaviour.Ignoring texts and messages and refusing to return calls falls within the embrace of unloving behaviour.

My plea to myself and to others is to be straightforward in these things. If you are not going to listen to messages then get rid of your voice mail function for example. If you no longer use an e-mail address then disable it so that messages are returned to the sender indicating that it has not been received.

There is a sense in which we have never had so many means of communication, but have never communicated so badly. Oh Lord help me not to confuse people through being casual in this realm.




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