To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Goal Celebrators (Not)

It is interesting how we construct our morality in a society where the Christian undergirding of morality is being lost. One interesting one is where a player will not celebrate this scoring of a goal against his former club. It is said to be out of respect. So here are some thoughts

  • Why is it disrespectful to celebrate a goal against your former team? Your allegiance is now with your new team. You are employed by them; they pay you money. Is a former Google employee unable to celebrate publicly with his new Microsoft colleagues if they make a technological breakthrough at the expense of Google? I suggest not.
  • What about your team mates? A part of the team experience is to celebrate together. Your allegiance is to your new team; to your new team-mates. You are not being disrespectful to your old team. Rather you are being respectful to the labours of your new team mates and celebrating with them.
  • And what about the team’s supporters? Part of the experience of paying money to go to the game is to celebrate when your team achieves the goal of scoring a goal. And you see one of your players not celebrating their scoring of a goal. What is to be made of that?

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