To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

So much of what children pick up in the home is through what they hear and observe. One particular area where parents need to be very careful is in respect of what they say about their church in front of the children.

How do we speak of the leadership of the church? What do we say about the other members of the church? Parents need to be very careful to make sure that they utter no evil word about the church in front to their children. If you start talking ill of what is going on in the church and others in the church in front of the children you are sowing seeds of disgruntlement in their minds. They are growing up with negative impressions of church.

I am not saying here that we delude the children about the church and what is going on. But what I am saying is that our children can have their hearts swayed against church by our lack of self-control with our lips. Moreover, this can get worse with our children thence turning away from the Lord Himself.

Of course as children grow up the situation changes. They are able to discern and handle things according to what they observe. But still as they move into later teenage years we need to be very careful not to sow seeds of disaffection in the hearts and minds through being indiscreet with our words.

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  1. Thank you for that one.

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