To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

A command and an obedience.

On one Sunday recently I was struck by one thing in the morning and one in the evening. In the moaning it was about how the participation in the Lord’s Supper remembrance celebration is a command and in the evening about how God is very interested in our obedience.

So why is it then that there seems to be so little commitment to obey the command to keep the Lord’s Supper feast? Our Lord’s Supper service, when we remember our Lord in communion together, seems so very often to be the “poor cousin” of our corporate church life. We will seek to pray, hear his word and sing His praise and truly that is good. But the special remembrance feast is something we never determine to celebrate, but only happen upon when it is in the service we happen to be attending.

What does it say of our attitude to our Saviour when we so casually fail to obey his command to “do this in remembrance of me”? And yes the Lord is interested in our obedience. I admit to being dismayed as I observe this behaviour. When people confess Him as Lord, but fail to put themselves out to celebrate this feast something seems to be wrong.

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