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You can smack your children

It seems to be one of the “urban myths” of our age that there is a ban on parents being allowed to smack their children in the UK. I enclose a piece from Family Education Trust found here

Government upholds parental use of reasonable physical chastisement

 The government’s spokesman for Children, Schools and Families in the House of Lords has strongly upheld the freedom of parents to use a moderate physical sanction to correct their children’s behaviour.

Challenged  by  the Liberal  Democrat peer, Baroness Walmsley, to outlaw all forms of physical chastisement in line with recommendations from bodies within the United Nations and the Council of Europe, Baroness Morgan of Drefelin declared:

We do not accept that…mild smacking—smacking for which the defence of reasonable punishment is available—constitutes violence. We firmly believe that our law is compliant with both the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). In our view, the UNCRC does not require the criminalisation of mild smacking. Conduct that could meet the threshold of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment under the ECHR is already illegal in this country.

Baroness Morgan went onto stress that it was not the role of government to criminalise parents who were doing the best for their children.

 HL Hansard, 16 Oct 2008, cols 822-823

This remains the present position of the law. So parents are allowed to smack their children. So the next time you hear somebody trotting out the presumed illegality of smacking perhaps you might gently point this out.

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