To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.


The coverage consequent upon the passing of Ian Paisley last Friday, September 12th, has once again brought to our attention a man who certainly did not “beat about the bush”.

I don’t begin to understand his politics, let alone really sympathize with them. And some of his comments over the years, as regards to the sectarian/political situation, seem very hard to stomach. However, I am left wondering whether most of us are not just to evasive with our words. For fear of upsetting anybody we equivocate and give mixed messages and change our message to suit the face. But Mr Paisley believed certain things and stuck with them. His manner, I suggest, could have been more tempered, but still he left you with no misunderstanding as to where he stood and what he believed.

This is particularly true in his preaching. Biblical and Christ-centred, but direct and stirring people out of their indolence. Do we not need Christians and preachers with a little more fire in their belly to, under God, stir us.

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