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Being transformed in church

How often have I heard it and you too? I have probably said it myself in times past as well. It goes something like this “Come into church and leave all the pressing troubles of this world behind”. Or it comes in prayer: “Lord help us to focus upon you and your ways and forget about all of the issues pressing upon our lives, as we gather in your presence today.”

Now what do you think of those sentiments about our coming together in church. It is my conclusion that they present false notions of what it is to come into church. Fully understandable they are, but in the end not helpful.

The wonderful thing about coming into church is that we can bring all the stuff that has been and is besetting our lives. We bring it with us. We do not lay it aside like some garment to take off and put on again after we have finished “church.” Rather, we bring all aspects of a lives into church as we gather with our fellow believers in the presence of God. And as we are praying praising and hearing His Word we, by faith, experience God’s transforming of those situations and perplexities.

Very likely this will be through us once again getting a proper grasp on life as we see God’s purposes in Christ. It may well be that an insight comes from the Lord to help us progress through our situation.

Whatever it is, let us believe God that through “church” transformation can take place.

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  1. Very helpful Philip, thanks for sharing these Christ honouring musings once again.

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