To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The mighty gospel of John is beautiful to read. The revelation of Jesus as the Son of God should be an ongoing delight to our hearts. But what is at the heart of John’s teaching?

John 20:21 is inevitably turned to as the summary statement about John’s purpose in writing. Herein we find the drive which permeates all of  John’s writing. It is that all would know that Jesus is the Son of God. However, as John presents this One, who is the Son of God, he is relentlessly pursuing an agenda of making clear to his readers how the Son of God came from heaven to establish a kingdom which is distinct from and outside of the kingdoms of this world. As Jesus is revealed as the Son of God He is revealed as One who is not accommodating the principles of this world. Rather He is  introducing a new kingdom of which he is Lord, King and Ruler. The ways of this kingdom are at variance with the ways of this world. Moreover the twain are not to be mixed.

Given this observation I suggest that a key exemplification of this is seen in John 9. I wonder even if John 9 is the key passage in the book because it gives a visual aid which declares what the book is doing.

If you remember, a man born blind is brought to the Lord and healed by Him. After the mas’s healing there follows a long conversation between that man and the Pharisees (vv13-34). In synopsis the conversation revolves around the man confessing Christ with ever deepening conviction and the Pharisees resisting this confession with ever deepening intensity. Finally in v33 the man confesses his belief of Jesus being from God. Whereupon the Pharisees cast him out (see v34).

This casting out is emblematic of the clash of two kingdoms. The kingdom of this world is seen in one of it’s guises through the Pharisees. They are religious, but of this world. The man affiliates himself with the man who is from another world and has come to establish a different kingdom. The two kingdoms are like oil and water; they are unmixable. You are either of one or the other.

So the man who confessed Christ was ousted from the religious system of the day. It is touching to observe that for such a man Jesus comes seeking. we read in John 9:35  Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, and when he found him, he said, ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’ What a beautiful statement it is when we read how Jesus went and found Him and revealed himself to him. Whereupon the man responded by confessing the Christ and worshipping Him (see v38).

This picture in John 9 sums up the whole of John’s gospel. It shows how Jesus has come from another realm to establish a kingdom which operates on principles in opposition to the ways of this world. And the key determinate of where you stand in respect of these kingdoms is your attitude to Jesus Christ.

Whatever religion you have or whatever else you have or whatever, if your reject Jesus Christ as the Lord from another kingdom then you are of this world and attached to the devil and doomed with this world.

If you accept jesus as the lord who has come from another world then all is well, both now and forevermore, Amen.


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