To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Hope for Doubters

It is an interesting observation that when Jesus was giving instructions to his disciples pending his departure for glory, among those who were there (and it is very possible the 500 of 1 Cor 15:7 were there) there were some who doubted (see Matt. 28:17). The meaning of “doubted” is that they wondered which way they were going to go in the future; they wondered what the future was going to hold.

The important thing for us to grasp about these disciples is that they had not got everything sorted. There was some perplexity in their lives. However, Jesus did not write them off. He did not even say that they needed to be in a better place before they could do anything for Him.

Rather, it was to such that he presented the great commission. It was to such that He said that, as they went forth, they should be making disciples (see Matt. 29:19). It is as if he was saying: “you don’t know exactly the way to go. Well, don’t concentrate on that decision rather just get on and go and concentrate on making disciples. And as you make disciples you will be assured that you are on the right path.” That message encourages us today, that amidst the perplexities of life, we can be assured that we are in the right place in the Lord’s purposes, if we are concentrating on making disciples.

Oh and don’t forget between v17 and v19 there is v18! And v18 tells us of one who is in control of all things. Jesus is in control of all things. As we move forward and seek to be involved in the biggest of businesses – that of disciple-making – we trust ourselves to the One who is in control of all things.

So here is good news for doubters everywhere:

  • Jesus does not write you off
  • Get on with life and in your “getting on” focus on disciple making
  • And as you do so remember that Jesus is in control.
  • So do not focus on your own perplexities, rather focus on working for Him and be a disciple maker and trust Him and obey Him as the mighty King.

(Thanks to Margaret Lee for the initial prompt in this musing)

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