To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Bifurcated Christianity

Bifurcation means to divide into two branches. Many Christians lead bifurcated lives. They have a religious side to their lives and a non-religious.

So in church, in Bible Studies or in other formal arrangement they will give a display of being interested in the ways of God. Very likely this is not a manufactured interest, but is real and genuine. They will engage with the service and also take part in the Bible study.

However when they get to their normal lives those services and Bible Studies seem to have no relevance. Accordingly. they live essentially like anyone in the world. Of course because of their affiliation with church / Christianity they live nice lives and do not get involved in any excess. But the reality is still the same, that there is a disconnect between their Christian confession and the life they live out at work, college or home.

This can even be manifest when the Bible Study or service is over. At those points they switch off from the spiritual and just speak and operate according to the motivations of the world.

This raises certain issues as regards to the reality of the Christian life. In particular church leaders should be living model lives which display that the realities of Scriptural teaching seep into all their ways of living.

Christianity should not be bifurcated. Our preaching thence should not just build up a mental library of knowledge. Rather it should, whilst building that knowledge, make sure through exhortation and good application that this teaching must be lived.

May we be finished with bifurcated Christianity and make sure that every part of our lives are of one harmonious undivided character. And that character is one of being devoted to the LORD and serving Him.


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