To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Two guiding principles of the an evolutionary way for thinking are that there is the “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection”. The implication of these dogmas is that things are getting better. So amidst the liberal intelligentsia, who buy into the evolutionary world-view, there is the assumption that everything is getting better. So we hear such phrases like “such-and-such” should not happen in the 21st century.

And yet the reality is things do not get any better. The adoption of evolutionary thinking into society within the last one hundred and fifty years has been accompanied by the terrors of two horrendous world wars. Moreover a massive amount of suffering has been manifest as man has inflicted his worst on his fellow men.

And in the news we are continually reminded that things are no better. Ghastly things carry on, sin still marches on. Just take a look at Eastern Ukraine, Northern Iraq and Northern Nigeria for example, for present manifestation of horrific actions being undertaken

And there is need of a Saviour from sin. And He has come and His Name is Jesus. It is Him we need to proclaim to this sin saturated world,



Comments on: "Things do not get any better" (1)

  1. Good one. It’s the Star Trek generation, I’m afraid.
    Much as I like Star Trek, its basic underlying thesis is that everything to do with humanity is evolving and improving 😦

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