To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

It is a sobering observation that those who have no interest in the Lord seem so content. The steady course to an eternal hell appears paved with pleasant experiences.

And, those who seek to follow the Lord, look on feeling beset by afflictions and problems in so many different ways. This has been my experience. The attacks of the devil, the weakness of the flesh, my personal vicissitudes and my absence of faith in my God, all coalesce and I feel beaten up on all sides. So what are we to say to these things.

Well we must be going to Psalm 73. There we see the psalmist observing:

  1. God is good to His people (v1). Philip never forget the goodness of the Lord towards you.
  2. The wicked do appear to be content (vv2-12). This is what the wicked are like –  always free of care, they go on amassing wealth (v12). Everything seems to be fine for them. They seem to be free from problems. After all, when you come to ponder it, they lie under the evil one and so they have no fights against that beast. He has them happily trapped on the way to destruction.
  3. The pain of the believer (vv13-16). Relentlessly he is feeling oppressed. All day long I have been afflicted, and every morning brings new punishments (v14).
  4. The transformation comes in the sanctuary (V17). Until he goes into the sanctuary all is in a mess; he cannot fathom it all at all. Then he goes into the throne room of God. It is at this point he starts to understand.
  5. The destination of the wicked (vv18-20).  The future for the unbeliever is indeed bleak so incredibly bleak.
  6.  Faith revives. (vv21-26). In the sanctuary faith revives. We start to see things as they really are. As a vision of God dawns so life brightens and we can see the way ahead.
  7. The great contrast (vv27-28). The wicked face destruction whilst the believer anticipates unalloyed joy. Oh yes now is not the end; by faith we see the end.

Oh LORD thank you for helping me with Psalm 73.

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