To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

My second son has just been away on a trip to Holland. The following was given as part of the guidelines:

“Gender separation at night. A policy of gender separation (by wing) at night is in place for obvious reasons. After curfew, students must be in their own rooms. “Corridor hopping” after curfew will not be tolerated. It is vitally important that staff know everyone is in and accounted for at the curfew hour.”

Now let me make it clear that I totally agree with this statement and am happy that it was included in the guidelines.

However, is it now logically defunct according to the principles of equality which now pertain in our society gone mad. If homosexual couples can marry on exactly the same grounds as heterosexual couples then the implication is that anyone is free to swing either way sexually. So why segregate the girls from the boys and not the boys from the boys and the girls from the girls. So from now on the “equality” agenda dictates that such a policy should be kicked out and you either have individual rooms for everyone or a free for all.

Oh what madness. When you depart from God’s way you always depart into the way of madness (and sadness).


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