To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

As Christians, we need to be praying early for the provision of God’s choice for husbands/wives for our children. We seek the Lord that our children would be His. We pray for their salvation and there is joy when we know that they have have turned to the Lord. This is the first great “decision” in life to recognise Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and turn to Him.

But, as has been said, the second greatest decision in life is who do I marry. We need to train our children to look for a marriage partner in a godly way. Our children should be looking for character rather than looking at looks. They need to know that they are to marry only in the Lord. This means not only marrying a fellow Christian, but also one with whom they share something of the same understanding on issues.

As we think about marriage partners for our children, I am aware that increasingly that our children will be finding marriage partners only among those who have come from a similar background. We are, as someone has observed, growing husbands and wives for each other’s children. This is because the society around us has disintegrated to such an extent. Previously, those brought up in the world largely had a stability in their background and Christianized moral values. So when they were saved, their characters already had a stability about them. Nowadays those who are saved find themselves having to engage in major re-building as a result of being wrecked by the culture in which they were brought up. And as a result their characters, although refined and rebuilt by the Lord, carry damage for the rest of their lives.

I make the above assertion very carefully, given a belief in the God who does work to transform and restore. And He is able to rebuild. But they are legitimate general observations, I believe.

Let us then as Christian parents long for the welfare of our children and covet that they would be wise in finding appropriate marriage partners.


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