To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

One of the lessons I am slow to learn in life is that, as a general rule, if something is cheap then it is cheap. And thereby it can be said that bargains are rare.

How many times have I bought something and it has looked good, and it has been a at a good price, and then after a while it is soon proving the adage that “if it is cheap then it is cheap”.

On the other hand we painted much of our house in 2008 with Dulux paint after receiving advice. Earlier in the week I was touching up the paintwork. It struck me how well the paint retained its colour on the wall and in the container where it had been stored for a long period. You pay extra for good quality, but you get good quality.

So Philip you must learn that a little more expenditure at the beginning can lead to the saving of much expenditure in the end. And therein is the wise use of the resources that the Lord has kindly given to us.



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