To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Our attitude to Women

I was travelling on the train to London recently. On the journey I was struck by the fact that so  may ladies were standing up while so many men were sat down. Whatever happened to the expected social grace of a man giving up his seat for a women?

Such an action which would have been commonplace some fifty years ago is now largely absent from our society. Men no longer treat women with the respect of their forebears. Women no longer expect to be appropriately honoured and protected by the stronger male. Such attitudes have dissipated in the feminist onslaught which was besieged our way of thinking over the last half century.

I have been reading this book by Sharon James  and finding it helpful. She notes the changes that have taken place.

As a result of these changes, men no longer know what it is to be a true man acting as a protector of woman. And women no longer know what it is to accept the deferential protection which a true man would give to her. In fact, if a man now offered a women his seat she may even be offended that she is being demeaned. After all she is now equal to a man in all things.

And in all this both men and women lose out. Men lose their sense of loving care for women in society. Whilst women are pursuing roles and situations which they have not be been created for.

The biblical pattern of the man treating the women with due care and respect as she is the weaker vessel has been lost. Lord have mercy upon us.

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