To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

It is very easy to say to those who have been through grievous happenings in their lives that they should get over it and get on with their lives. However, there are many factors which can prevent this from happening. One of those is the sense of injustice when the authorities are not helpful in seeking to explain what has happened. Two things can happen either they do not give straight answers. Alternatively, they give conflicting answers.

Amidst such a situation there is the desire for justice which is innate in our beings. This is part of our being created in the image of God. The God who created us is just in all His ways and we being in Him have that latent longing for justice.

I am musing upon this in the context of my dealings with HM Revenue and Customs. I mentioned about these here . There is a sense in which I just want to walk away from this issue and leave it all behind and get on with life. And yet one thing that pervades my experience in dealing with this matter is the sense of wanting to get it all properly sorted out. I have had so many mixed messages from them, partly because I do not think they know what the message should be anyway. Is it this or is it that? And one will say it is this and another says it is that. And oh just to get it all sorted out.

And there is this cry in my heart that I want justice. Alas that sense of longing for justice is polluted by my own sinful desires. But still it is there.

And so I am left thinking even in my small way how those who lost relatives at Hillsborough must have felt. Years of being fobbed off and being misled and lied to. And when you get immersed in it you so easily get consumed by this longing for truth and justice.

So I am learning through my own experience that it can be too easy to say “get over it and move on” when people have been afflicted by a grave incident. A sense of injustice can go very deep in our beings and is hard to shake off.

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