To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The theme of the Lord intervening to work salvation among humanity is one that we so easily greet with calm indifference. Almost we feel that we, as humans, are a decent lot and therefore we really did deserve such a  generous act. But it is not thus. Rather, it is the most amazing thing that God worked this wonderful plan.

Look at Hebrews 2:5-9 and see the marvel of how Jesus has come to deal with the dysfunctionality caused by the sin of humanity. The writer sees God’s purpose for humanity in contrast to that of God’s plan for angels. The quotation from Psalm 8 in vv5-9a intimates God’s purpose for humanity. He was made a little lower than the angels with the purpose that all creation would be subject to him. However, what we see now does not cohere with that outcome. Sin has messed everything up. Dysfunctionality now is the observed condition.

And into that context we have the entrance of Jesus in v9. He is the One who has come to restore all things. He has come as THE MAN. He has been made a little lower than the angels; He has been displayed as the true man crowned with glory and honour. And He has not just displayed true humanity – He has done all to restore humanity; he has tasted in all its fullness the reality of death. He has done this so that there might be salvation for humanity. It is only in and through Jesus that mankind can fulfill its destined purpose.

Praise God for such a great salvation. Praise God for such a great Saviour.

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