To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

British Values

The recent report of the state of affairs in certain Birmingham Schools has led politicians to wade in with their perspective on the need to teach British Values in Schools. Some of the details of what this means can be seen here

This led me to muse on what a visitor from outer space coming to Britain might conclude were British Values. If someone was coming to Britain fresh to the scene what would they think were the values that govern our society? Obviously we are speaking in a very general broad brush way. But here are one or two that may appear on such a list:

  • Self-indulgence. Do what you want so that you can maximize your own pleasure. Because after all you are worth it.
  • Greed. Get as much for you and yours as you can. Of course MP’s set a great pace in this value with the expenses scandal.
  • Immorality. Sexual relations outside of the marriage between one man and one woman are not just to be tolerated, but encouraged.
  • Focus on this life. It is the here-and-now that matters. Eternity is of little or no consequence.

I do not want to recommend these values to my children.

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