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Clear Communication

I have been dealing with a government department about some stuff, HM Revenue and Customs in fact. And it has been a long drawn-out business. One aspect of it has been me being sent letters which have lots of information, but little actual communication. So I look at these letters and it is like looking into a snow storm. You see so much, but can discern so little. So I have found very little has registered from all the contents of the paperwork I have received.

This raises the issues of what it is to really communicate. Communication must have information as a requisite element. However, to really communicate the information has to be presented in a certain way. This applies to both written and verbal communication. And therefore it applies to preaching. Preaching is not just the snow-storming of information,  it is about communicating the truth of God.

Let us think about some issues that apply here. Thought needs to be given to:

  • Who am I interacting with? Is it an individual or is it a diverse group? Our approach will vary according to the recipients.
  • What material do I want to convey?
  • What material will I need to leave out?
  • How simple /complex do I need to be?
  • What words are going to be important?
  • What outcome do I want?

And therein I am challenged. Having been on the receiving end of an information splurge which has just left me confused. I need to be thoughtful about how I communicate. Oh to have more clear communicators among us.


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