To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I remember meeting this couple many years ago. They told me of their son who had been converted in his late twenties. The testimony of the son to them was that, in his younger years, they had told him the true way and he knew it to be such. Accordingly, when in the providential workings of God he came to the point where he knew he had to sort himself out as regards to his future direction he knew where to go.

This is something we must bear in mind as we instruct our children both at home and in church. We need to implant in them the knowledge, that the Christian gospel is the only way and it is the true way.

It is also good to have this in mind when we are seeking to evangelise. There are those times when you come across people, and they have evidently do not have any interest in the message of truth and hope in Christ that you are presenting to them. In such a situation it is good to leave them with the thought that if ever they come to a juncture in life when they need to sort out what life is all about then they must turn to Christ, They must not go in the wrong direction.



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