To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Who is Lord?

Either I am LORD of my life or Christ Jesus the LORD is LORD of my life. That is really how humanity is divided. The world has “me” as LORD and the Christian has Christ as LORD.

But how far should this go? Paul delighted to consider himself to be the bondslave of Jesus Christ. This doulos term refers to the slave. The slave had no rights of his own; he belonged totally to his master. His master had rights over him. Christian then is one who has given rulership rights over all of his life to Jesus Christ. In the experience of losing our lives for Jesus sake, we find them again; as our LORD said For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it (Matt. 16:25).

So easily we start to drift away from this perspective. We say that Sunday is my day for God and then the rest of the week is for me. We say that we have given our offering on a Lord’s Day and then the rest of my money is for me. The “me” at the end of both of these statements indicates where our allegiance really lies. We are thinking of ourselves. Our attitude is that of the world.

But how do we come to know the Lordship of Christ in our experience? Obviously it starts by becoming a believer in the Lord. It is a hopeless task to endeavor to live with Christ as LORD when we are still in the flesh living for this world. A Christian has acknowledged his sin and turned from his sinfulness; he has turned from Himself and given ownership rights to the LORD Jesus.

But we still fail as Christians? Yes that is true. However, we should never be content with this. We should always be running to confess our sins and renew the knowledge of Christ as Lord of our lives. This means the we are studying our Bibles and seeking to know the Master’s will. The Scriptures are the LORD’S manual for life. We learn there what the Master loves and what He hastes. So if we truly desire for Him to be known as LORD then we will be devoting ourselves to the study of His Word.

The life of prayer also comes into play here. Prayer is critical because when we truly pray we turn away from ourselves and we start praying Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:9b-10). When this is our frame of mind then we can never pray selfishly, but we seek the reality of His Lordship.

And so we note that all who have known godliness in their lives have been Bible people and praying people. There is no alternative.

But why bother? We must be bothered because we owe everything to Him. It is our reasonable service to present our bodies to God as living sacrifices (see Rom. 12:1). Paul also, challenges the Corinthians by saying that you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body (1 Cor 6:20). The idea behind this latter quotation returns us to Paul’s whole thought of us being bondslaves of Jesus Christ. He shed His blood; He gave His life that we might come into His ownership. It is an utter contradiction for us now to say we want our own lives. In fact if we do we really prove that we have never tasted of His salvation in the first place.

Actions speak louder than words. It is all very well singing ”He is Lord, He is Lord, He is risen from the dead and He is LORD”; that is a good affirmation and we should not be ashamed to make it. However, the LORD would challenge us as regards to the making good of this in our lives. One day the Lord confronted his disciples and said “But why do you call Me `Lord, Lord,’ and do not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46. Let us take heed and make sure we do the things He says.

Does this mean I should always be involved in spiritual activity? At this point though we need to flag-up a danger. We might now be thinking that we must always be in church, reading our Bibles and praying. If we are led to think along these lines we need to remember that God created us as full human beings. There are times when we need to have rest, relaxation and recreation (re-creation!). Remember that our Saviour one day said to his disciples “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat (Mark 6:31). Moreover, to neglect our families and loved ones because of our commitment to God’s work and His things is something which can bring shame and dishonor to our God (see 1 Tim. 5:8).

Nevertheless in all things we need to remember that, if we are Christians, we are obliged to acknowledge His Lordship. Whether in church, in the home, in the office, on the factory floor, in college in school, on the sports field, on the beach, in the shops etc. etc. Let us remember that Jesus is Lord. Furthermore, it is our duty to really examine ourselves in these things. We really need to work at having lifestyles which show for the the Lordship of Christ at all times. Everything matters to God. So let us make sure that we seek God’s face about everything whether it be large or small.

(Taken from the Feltham Evangelical Church Newsletter of September 2005)


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