To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Let us face facts to start with.  The Bible contains so much material dealing with the destruction of nations, obliteration of peoples, occurence of disasters and all sorts of happenings which we find unsavoury. Read through the books of Joshua, Zechariah and Revelation as a sample and you will soon see what I mean. The fact that these things happen causes many to be most perplexed and even agitated that God could do such things. But why should we feel this way? Are we right to feel this way?

The mind-set of the world is fixated on the view that nice things should happen to human beings. Furthermore if there is a God they conclude that such a God should be a deity who accommodates human beings and is accordingly very nice to them.

However, let us take time to think about this. We are a race who owe are existences to God who created us very good. So good that we are actually created in His image. We read; So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them (Gen. 1:27)

But everything went sour; seriously sour. Man turned against his creator. Read Genesis 3 and see the saddest story ever recorded in human history. Rebellion, defiance of a kind creator, selfish indulgence all manifested as mankind turned against his God with devastating consequences. In such a  situation God has every right to wreak havoc upon those who have turned against him. He has every right to judge, to punish and to destroy. His very good creation polluted by the best of his creation who defied their creator.

So when we read those aforementioned passages about calamity and judgement we should think that these are very reasonable outcomes. In fact we should be surprised that more of it is not happening. And when we think about it further we must conclude that God could have dismissed all the human race to an eternal hell and no one could ever have complained. God would have been just and right in doing this. After all the pay back for sin is death (see Rom. 6:23a)

The shocking thing comes when we consider all the blessings God has wrought among mankind. And the blessing of Jesus being given to establish a new kingdom. A kingdom where he is a king who brings good to human beings. This should overwhelm us. It is to our shame that we acquiesce with the world and expect that God should be doing these nice things to us. Rather we should be overwhelmed that a Saviour came to heal rather than bring disease, to cast out demons rather than bring in demons.

So let us marvel about how good God has been to us who never deserved His goodness. Let us marvel that a Saviour has come to bless.


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