To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Messy Church

I do not  profess any expert knowledge of the “messy church” phenomenon. However, my observations from a distance would be:

  • Church is messy enough already without purposely making it messy. I know I am in danger of confusing categories here. I say this because I am thinking of the general character of church life whilst “messy church” just refers to a certain type of service. However, there just seems something inappropriate about thinking of church as something of a mess. Our goal is not to make church a mess. What we are longing for is that, in the midst the mess of broken lives and activities and relationships not functioning as they should, we will have that which is honoring to the Lord.
  • To have a messy service seems to detract from the whole concept of what we are trying to impart to people. We are trying to convey to them a God who is magnificent; the One who is the God of order. In seeking to proclaim the gospel message in “messy church”, there is the danger that the whole context detracts from the representation of who our God is. Our God is not a mess.
  • I actually believe that, in general, the world sees through our schemes that overly emphasize relevance. They may humour us with saying that or services were nice or whatever, but we do not attract the world by deliberately imitating the world.

So let’s be careful of adopting new fads and fashions. Rather let us passionately move forward seeking to be faithful to God, relevant to the world we live in, passionate to serve our God zealously and loving those around us. And may the Spirit of the LORD glorify His Holy Name.

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