To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

One observation I have had over recent years is how people come to the UK from another country and lose their fire for the LORD. Back in their home country, they were experiencing great fervour and devotion to the Lord. But when they come to the UK, that dissipates and no longer is the fire burning strongly in their love for and service of the LORD. What are we to make of this:

  1. This reflects something of the spiritual temperature in the UK in comparison to other countries. Here in the UK the fervour for God among God’s people is generally not burning with the same ferocity as in many other parts of the world.
  2. Churches receiving people from outside the UK do not respond effectively to make sure that people are encouraged to settle in the church and burn brightly for the Lord. Too many unnecessary cultural blockages are placed in the way.
  3. The immigrating believers themselves have depended on being surrounded by fire back home. Accordingly, when they are out of that situation they start to fade away spiritually. This is because the fire has been generated from outside of them and not sufficiently from the Lord burning in their own hearts.

On the other side I have heard of those who have gone to other countries from the UK and said they would never want to come back to the UK. The reason for this is that they have experienced such spiritual hunger and vitality in their new location in comparison to what they experienced back in the UK.

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