To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

One of the issues that struck me over the last weekend when this country experienced its first “same-sex marriages” was the use of the happiness argument. “As long as it makes them happy” is the argument that trumps any other argument. So if a couple, whatever their gender, are happy together and want to share their lives together then that is sufficient to convince all and sundry that same-sex marriage  is a good thing.

The logical implications of such arguments seem to pass everyone by. So presumably Jimmy Saville was happy undertaking all of his filthy activity, and therefore how can he be criticized? And if you are happy with your dog or in your polygamous threesome then why are you not being allowed to marry your pet or your little group? after all you are happy together and that is all that matters.

I started reading John Benton’s book “At the Cross” earlier in the week and was interested in his observations about how we have moved from a society whose principles were based on morals to a society whose principles are based on emotions. So truth and falsehood are not the key issues now, but happiness and sadness.

What people completely miss though is the fact that emotional stability, contentment and dare I say it, to some degree happiness depend upon operating within a moral frame. If we jettison an awareness of right and wrong then happiness becomes a wistful aspiration.

So curiously in a society where people operate according to the yearning to be happy we have never been so unhappy.

So the standard of God endures: righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people (Prov. 13:34). And without abusing this scripture, may I say it is rightness that exalts the happiness quotient in a country. To seek happiness whilst ignoring morality is like baking a cake without putting it in the oven.

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