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Instant Salvation

Salvation occurs in an instant. New life comes into a person’s life through the intervening grace of our God through His Spirit. In that moment, the person is born again and knows through repentance and faith that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. This is the reality in the eternal purposes of God. It is the great transformation when a saint is created and a person goes from death to life.

However, the question we ask is does everyone know the exact time when they become Christians? I am particularly concerned here with those who have been brought up in Christian homes. They are brought up hearing the truth of the Bible expounded whether it be at home or at church. They grow up knowing the gospel. They are aware that true life comes through repenting of their sin and trusting in Christ as their Lord and Saviour. For youngsters in such circumstance there may well not have been the crisis experience that ushered in the new birth. Rather, it may well be that they know the truth of salvation of the experience of the grace of God in their lives, but do not know when they were born again.

Many experience distress because they have not had the “crisis” which has led to them becoming Christians. They hear a dramatic testimony of how someone was converted and start to be troubled that they never had anything like that. And they wonder if they are Christians at all. However, if the reality of faith in Christ is seen in a faithful and fruitful life then there is solid evidence that they truly are saved.

It is worth mentioned that well-meaning counsellors can be the means of causing all kinds of spiritual trouble by demanding that there must be an exact time when you know you were saved. It is wiser to look for the knowledge of salvation and the fruit of salvation than the date of salvation.

And finally it is more important to know that you have been born that when you were born.

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